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  • Kingwood Pet Sitting provides personalized care for your pet because we know each pet is different, has their own personality, and their own individual needs.
  • We treat your pet just like family, so you can rest assured your pet will receive supervision, attention, love, and the care they need while you’re away.
  • We adhere to your wants and wishes for your pet.   We are flexible and can make accommodations based on your preferences.
  • Our employees are thoroughly screened and go through a background check.
  • We are responsible petsitters and maintain proper insurance.

Just like home

Your pet will be able to roam around the house freely (and safely), just as they do in their own home. They are frequently let out for potty breaks, walked daily (weather permitting), and have lots of play time & love. We also offer services to stay at our client's home so your pet can avoid to initial anxiety of a new environment.

VIP Treatment

You can expect your pet will receive the best care. When they're with us, they truly do become part of the family. Each of our furguests receive the Very Important Pup Treatment.

Responsible Care

Your pet will always be supervised, have access to water at all times, be fed according to their feeding schedule, and we will adhere to their specified diet. The health and safety of your pet always comes first.


With our in-home pet sitting services, you can relax knowing your pup is being cared for by a professional, dedicated pet sitter in a safe environment.

Doggy Daycare

Your pup will enjoy relaxing around the pup lounge, exploring the house, or playing with their pup friends.

Dog Walking

Dog walks can be a slow stroll or a fast-paced walk to burn off energy...either way, your pup will be happy!

Overnight Pet-Sitting

You can rest assured that your pet will feel safe and loved in their home or OURS while you are away. If your pup comes to us, they will be treated just like family! Our home is their home- they are welcome to explore freely, have frequent potty breaks, access to water at all times, and get lots of love and attention!

Yard Clean Up

Kingwood Pet Sitting also offers services to keep your yard dog-mess-free so you and your pup can enjoy without the smell!

Shuttle Services

Does your pup need a ride to KPS for doggy day care or an overnight stay? We offer pick-up/drop off services to make life easier.

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